Institute Profile

It was founded in 1997 with two branches and within a short span of only TWELVE years it has grown in leaps and bounds. At present the institute offers the following courses.

Computer Technology (Intake 60)

Computer Engineering (Intake 60)

Industrial Electronics (Intake 60)

Electronics & Telecommunication (Intake 120)

The saga of this institute is one of continuous progress in all spheres of academic activities in general and quality education in particular. The spectacular success story of the students in the area of final board examination in all branches year after year bears ample evidence to our claims.

Upper most in the mind of the staff and the management is to transform an individual student into a mature individual, who has knowledge and , is multifaceted with all moral and ethical qualities. We leave no stone unturned to achieve this goal. »

Our Mission

"Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Technology strives to impart total quality education inculcating cultural and ethical values, to promote the quality life of Indian citizens and global community as well"

Our Goal

* To improve the standard of the institute as a premier polytechnic.
* To provide quality education beyond the expectation of students & parents.
* To improve the Quality of courses.
* To help the students to develop ethical character & become good citizens of India.
* To impart Industry oriented Skills.

!! Maratha Mandir's Prayer !!


Management Studies
* 2 Years Full Time MMS Program
* 2 Years PGDM Program
* Marketing, Finance & Personnel
* Placement Oportunity
* Industrial Visit

Institute of Technology
* 3 Years Full Time Diploma
* Ragging Prohibited
* Highly Qualified Faculty
* Library Facility
* Excellent Computer Labs

* Health Checkup Packages
* ICU, NICU, Blood Gas Analysis
* 2D Echo Cardiography
* Digital & Portable X-Ray
* 24 x 7 Facility

* Record - DDLJ (Since 1995)
* Housefull Shows
* Spacious Auditorium